Fuh, I'm back as a student again.

After finishing my 7th semester in December 2019, I started my internship in February 2020. Suddenly, pandemic hit us so bad! Even until today.

Alhamdulillah, after finishing my internship in August 2020, I was offered a position at a similar company where I did my internship.

Anyways, I'm currently a part time ACCA student. I just registered myself at one of the ACCA approved learning partner. It wasn't easy tho, I have a lot of questions.

31st July 2021 was my first day of class. I take one paper for this semester, which is Strategic Business Leadership (SBL). Since I have a degree, so, I left with 4 papers to complete.

At the same day, I'm having a interview session with Yayasan Peneraju. They sponsored various programmes, and one of it is ACCA. The interview session only took about 15 minutes, and it was handled by Metropolitan Corridor (YP programme manager).

I have classes every Saturday, 09.00 to 13:00. Of course, if you ask me, it doesn't look enough of learning time right? HAHA. So, yes, I need to plan my study time wisely.

It is quite challenging because I don't have any experience with online learning. All is seems new for me; so I need to move fast!

Besides, I'm having a difficulty in booking my examination. My semester started late (if I may compare with other institutions), due to that, some of the exam centre is fully booked. I know, money would be a matter for me. But, the exam centre would be my main concern.

However, I was trying to check the exam centre (again), and I finally found one. It is quite far from my house, which located at Shah Alam. But, time waits for no man! I need to make fast decision. After being satisfied with my searching, I finally click confirm. Alhamdulillah, the early bird entry is not close yet, I was able to book the exam with a payment GBP 216.

**Fun fact: SBL is the most expensive paper!

So now, I'm waiting for the interview result with Yayasan Peneraju. The result will be release around one to two weeks from the date of the interview (as they said during the interview session). Oh yeah, I apply for PTPTN as well, for my backup plan. If you are currently working, you may apply for EPF withdrawal. For the payment which need to pay directly to the ACCA, you need to fill in the form and submit it to the counter. This is because EPF doesn't open online withdrawal for the payment related with ACCA.

I think, that's for now. If you have any questions, just drop your comments below.

Thank you and have a nice day!


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